Valentine Day Shayari and SMS Collection-2019


Valentine Day Shayari

Valentine Day Shayari or Happy Valentine Day SMS to you Girlfriend. Happy Valentine Day Shayari in English or Happy Valentine Day SMS are used between two love birds, flower roses are delivered from top secret enthusiasts and also passionate candle-lit dinners are preferred by partners.

Valentine Day Shayari


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I’m Enthralled By Your Beauty, Mesmerized

By Your Charisma And Spellbound By Your

Love. No Wonder I Am Always Thinking

About You. I Wish To Celebrate Every

Valentine With You. Happy Valentine’s Day

Sometimes it is hard to put feelings
into words but I want you to
know how you affect me.
When I wake up and see you in the morning
I am so happy that we are together
that we are sharing our lives with one another
I respect you, I admire you
I love you.
Happy Valentines Day

Sometimes I look at you
and I need a little more
reassurance that you love me.
Even though I know
how much you love me
I would like for you to tell it to me
over and over again
And just in case you feel that way also
I am writing you this
to tell you over and over again that
I love you. Happy Valentines Day!

**** valentine day shayari for girlfriend *****

More than ever, I love you
More than ever, I admire you
More than ever, I like you
More than ever, I respect you
More than ever, I want you forever.
Happy Valentines Day

I am in a Valentine mood
It is not about hearts and flowers.

It is all about romance with the one I love,
Share this Valentine mood with me.

Let me show you how much I love you

**** valentine day shayari for girlfriend *****

Love is when I looked in your eyes And

I knew that I finally had realized I want

you forever I love it when we spend

every minute together. HAPPY VALENTINES DAY

**** valentine day shayari for girlfriend *****

Your love is a gift that I treasure more

with every passing day
As time goes by I find myself

discovering more and

more reasons to love you.
Happy Valentine’s Day.

May This Valentine Bless Us With The Cupid

Of Love And Warmth Of Romance.

Happy Valentine’s Day Honey

Valentine Day Shayari

Valentine Day Shayari

Love Can Be Expressed In Many Ways.

One Way I Know Is To Send It Across

The Distance To The Person

Who Is Reading This. LOVE U a lot

**** valentine day shayari for girlfriend *****

I’m Enthralled By Your Beauty, Mesmerized

By Your Charisma And Spellbound

By I Ask God For A Rose N He Gave Me Flowers;

I Ask God For Water N He Gave Me An Ocean,

I Ask God For An Angel N He Gave Me

The Best Love Ever! Love you Jaan

**** valentine day shayari for girlfriend *****

On this valentine Day
I think of the people
Who are dear to me
Whenever they are near
How much joy they bring to me.I wish to have you by my side this Valentine’s Day
So that I can spend some more time
With the one I love the most
Will you please be my valentine?

Love Whatsapp Status

I Am Opening An Emotional Bank Account For U

Sweetheart, So Deposit Your Love In It And

You Will Get The Interest. Happy Valentine’s Day

No Poems No Fancy Words I Just Want The

World To Know That I LOVE YOU My Princess

With All My Heart. Happy Valentine’s Day

There Was An Headcount Of Angels In Heaven,

Pandemonium Strucked Discovering that

An Angel Is Missing, Pls Call Heaven & Tell

them Ur Safe Wit Me. My Sweet Angel love you

**** valentine day shayari for girlfriend *****

Baby I Have An Addiction Problem.

People Say I Shud Go To Rehab, But I

Always Tell Them I Dont Wanna Go

Coz Im Addicted To YOU. I love you My swthrt

**** valentine day shayari for girlfriend *****

If I Could Die Early I Would Ask God If I Could Be

Your Guardian Angel, So I Could Wrap My Wings

Around You And Embraces You Whenever You Feel Alone

**** valentine day shayari for girlfriend *****

Its Here, The Day To Celebrate Love, Yes Its

Valentines Day. U Were Mine, U R Mine And

I M Sure That U will Remain Mine For

Rest Of My Life. Happy Valentine’s Day

Without Love Dayz Are like Sunday, Monday,

Thursday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday,
Saturday. So Be In Luv Everyday.

Wish U A Happy Valentine’s Day

**** valentine day shayari for girlfriend *****

It Is Hard To Talk When Your In Love Because

When I Look Into Your Beautiful

Eyes, I Get My Breath Taken Away

On Valentine’s Day We Think Of Those
Who Make Our Lives Worthwhile,
Those Gracious, Friendly People Who
We Think Of With A Smile. Happy Valentine’s Day




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